Public Notice This is to inform all stakeholders and the general public that Wakiso Local District Government has prepared the Wakiso District Physical Development Plan 2018-2040. It is now on deposit at the following places for public viewing and scrutiny; (i) District Head Quarter, Physical Planning Department, (ii) All Municipal and Town Council Head Quarters in the District (iii) All Sub Counties Head Quarters in the District and (iv) The Directorate of Physical Planning, Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development, Kampala.

A suggestion book has been deposited at each Municipal, Town Council and sub county headquarters. Please kindly register your comments in the book OR address all your written comments to the District Physical Planner on the following email ruth2002ug@yahoo.com or Mob 0772 823920.

For quick reference the entire plan can be downloaded from www.mhlud.go.ug, www.wakiso.go.ug and www.savimaxx.co.ug. The plan has been on deposit Since 1st August 2017. Latest comments will be received on 30th November 2017, for incorporation in the final report. Luke L.L.Lokuda Chief Administrative Officer Wakiso Local District Government

Luke L.L.Lokuda
Chief Administrative Officer
Wakiso Local District Government


Funding for Lower Nsogya mini Hydropower Project, western Uganda

Savimaxx Limited (www.savimaxx.co.ug) intends to develop a mini hydropower project on the River Nsongya, Kabarole District, western Uganda. The company is looking for investors to finance the construction of a mini hydropower plant at the site in Kadidimo. The plant will produce 9.2 MW of power, which will be sold at commercially viable prices to the state-owned national power transmission company. The project will be based on a conventional run-of-river solution, driven by a flow-diversion weir, closed headrace channel, forebay, penstock intake and powerhouse with electro-magnetic plant.

The Cost of investment is expected to be US $ 23 million

Investment structure: Finance/Equity

Internal Rate of Return (IRR): 12.0%

Payback period: 10 years


Savimaxx Limited is a multi-disciplinary firm whose core business has expanded her scope of services namely environmental management and management consultancy to include new areas like industrial development, environmental engineering, laboratory analytical services, community development and tourism. Savimaxx Limited maintains the principle of giving high quality, specialised, comprehensive and in time services to her clientele. The firm has therefore brought together a diversity of expertise where clients can access it at the ready.

Savimaxx Limited appreciates the fact that the earth is more than the sum total of her inhabitants and recognises that people are at the centre of the development process. More so, that sustainable development is deeply rooted in maintaining a healthy environment. Savimaxx Limited believes that for any development activity to sustain a healthy environment it must follow careful planned programme with practical alternatives to environmental damaging practices. Therefore, the mission of Savimaxx Limited is to "..further linking the environment to economic development" so as to achieve sustainable development. Savimaxx Limited therefore provides services to her clients who acknowledge a "duty of care" for the environment, with a wider view of integrating developmental issues and scenarios within the context of socio-cultural set-ups of any particular human group it works with.

Additionally Savimaxx Limited has ventured into back office operations to support her Clientele in areas of technical proposal writing, business plans, concepts notes, develoment and designing of project and programme proposals, designing monitoring and evaluation frameworks for projects and programmes, forest management plans, environmental impact assesments and enviromental audits.

The Great Lakes Region of Africa (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda) under the East African Community is fast becoming a favourite invetsment destination with the discovery of oil and natural gas. Savimaxx Limited is a company with local knowledge. As trade representives we help "chance to meet the opportunity!"


Our Pjilosophy

Savimaxx Limited has helped her esteemed Clientele to integrate and streamline cross cutting issues like the environment, gender and vulnerable groups in society into their programmes, projects and activities. However, livelihood activities in agriculture, industrialization, transportation, infrastructure development and rapid population growth tend to impact negatively on the environment. What Savimaxx Limited does is to take its Clients step by step showing how proposed project activities are likely to impact the environment and propose mitigation measures at the planning stage of the project. In this way Savimaxx Limited helps to ensure that projects are in line with national policies, in respect to environmental management and sustainable use of natural resources.