Community Development

Community development has never been more complex. Today's successful plans must comply with increasingly stringent and complex community regulations. They must reflect the latest industry research and technological advances. And they must satisfy a diverse group of stakeholders not only today, but also far into the future.

Ordinary community engineering firms aren’t enough to help organizations deal with these challenges. To survive today, organizations need more. They need a partner with a wide variety of capabilities to handle these multiple demands.

Proven Expertise
Savimaxx Ltd can help. With our expertise, we take pride in bringing governmental, industrial and manufacturing clients a level of professionalism and knowledge that's difficult to match anywhere in the world.

Savimaxx fully understands how to support and optimize our clients’ operating practices, processes and priorities. We can deliver progressive and successful community and environmental solutions that reflect the latest scientific and technological developments. And we are well versed in the environmental management systems (EMS), as well as the many regulatory issues facing our clients. This knowledge enables us to provide a comprehensive, one-stop service that can’t be beat.


» Community Surveys

  1. Project planning and management
  2. LogFrame approach to project design
  3. Participatory rural appraisal (PRA)
  4. Gender analysis
  5. Poverty analysis