Laboratory Services

Savimaxx Limited has no laboratory of it own.  But its’ Director and key Associates are acclaimed scientists in their own right with strong background in analytical laboratory practice.  For analysis it depends on University Teaching Laboratories, National Research Laboratories, Private Commercial Laboratories and Uganda National Bureau of Standards Laboratories.  Only in rare cases are samples flown out of the country. 

However, the sampling protocol, frequency, selection of sampling parameters and the selection of the sampling sites is done by our experienced Consultants.   In the laboratory analysis is carried out by Senior Laboratory Technicians after our Consultants have discussed with the host laboratory and approved the analytical methods, instrumentation and quality assurance control.

Statistically it has been proven that the way we carryout our laboratory investigations we get high quality results which help us to make clear interpretations.  These interpretations are given to our esteemed Clients whose use them to make informed decisions.



» Laboratory Services

  1. Water quality analysis
  2. Air and soil analysis
  3. Food quality analysis pesticide analysis
  4. Testing
  5. Antibiotics for culture sensitivity
  6. Toxicological tests
  7. Ecotoxicological tests
  8. Laboratory management
  9. Inter-laboratory calibration
  10. Laboratory design and equipment installation

Technical assistance is as close as your telephone. Call +256 414 666297/ Mob: +256 712 654651 to learn how we can help you fulfill your testing, analytical and calibration needs.