Tourism Development

The required growth of the tourism industry must come as a result of the success of the existing hotel industry and the construction of more hotel rooms and cannot come from only increasing the numbers of tourists, visiting friends, relatives and persons staying in private homes.

In order for this development to occur and to be profitable, sufficient demand must be created. The overall strategy of Savimaxx Ltd is geared towards this requirement.

Savimaxx Ltd focuses much more on the marketing of Uganda as a destination, sensitizing the local population to the importance of tourism and the role each person within the community can play in developing the industry and improving the tourism infrastructure. We are committed in establishing and implementing standards for the development and maintenance of tourism infrastructure and amenities, as well as standards for all identified tourist sites and attractions.



» Tourism Development

  1. Development of agency business in tourism
  2. Eco-tourism
  3. Hotel management
  4. Hotel operations training
  5. Tour and travel operations management
  6. Hospitality
  7. Foods and Beverages

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