Back Office Operations

The world of global Back Office Operations is growing in terms of the number of players, beneficiaries, services, speed, space, and connectivity. In a situation where business groups and organizations have to concentrate more on their core activities, they prefer to outsource their Back Office Operations to offshore Savimaxx Ltd. If you are looking for outsourcing your Back Office Operations to an ideal service provider in Uganda, you have reached the right place. Our company specializes in the following out sourcing services.

Additionally Savimaxx Limited has ventured into back office operations to support her Clientele in areas of technical proposal writing, business plans, concepts notes, develoment and designing of project and programme proposals, designing monitoring and evaluation frameworks for projects and progremmes, forest management plans, environmental impact assesments and enviroemental audits.

  • Document processing
  • Information processing
  • Electronic document management
  • Proof reading - Copy editing


“Accuracy, security, and timeline-these are our major plus points in Back-Office Operations related work.” Companies based in Africa can now transfer a significant amount of the back-office work to the developing countries. Uganda is set to become one of the most preferred destinations for outsourcing back office operations. A huge talent pool, favorable government regulations supporting R&D and cost savings are the main factors behind it. In effect, by outsourcing, clients are enabled to pass on the entire responsibility of their vital Back Office Operations to offshore service providers and get it done utilizing their facilities to its full strength that includes infrastructure, manpower and professional expertise.

Contact us with your Back Office requirements at the earliest since we are able to work with you at any time.